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DATING…as defined by Wikipedia:

Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship or marriage. It is a form of courtship, consisting of social activities done by the couple, either alone or with others. The protocols and practices of dating, and the terms used to describe it, vary considerably from country to country and over time. While the term has several meanings, the most frequent usage refers to two people exploring whether they are romantically or sexually compatible by participating in dates with the other. With the use of modern technology, people can date via telephone or computer or meet in person.

I definitely did not try every option in the dating world but just barely enough to scratch the surface. Why?  Because it is time consuming, full of surprises and can be very disappointing at times.  So, I asked myself…what could be the best option to weed through the large population of women without having to meet them all in person?  Going on a dating site!  As I was registering on-line, I was feeling the excitement of meeting all these women to hopefully find that special woman I plan be with for the rest of my life.  Thoughts ran through my head…mainly bad, though.  What if I met someone but she was half way around the world?  What if she had a criminal record, lied about her life choices, her appearance, her values?  What if I met someone but our religious beliefs conflicted with each other?  What if I thought I was talking to a female, but it ends up being a male?  This actually happened to someone I knew!  So scary! Nevertheless, I told myself I had to take a chance so that I don’t ask myself later on, “What if I did join”?

Fast forward to today: When people ask me how I met my wife, I want to tell them we met through friends or we met in college in a course where we sat next to each other while discussing the theory of relativity and the primal power of chemistry. To make it more exciting, wouldn’t it be cool to say that met in a dance class and teamed up together for a salsa dancing competition, but she was upset because I accidentally stepped on her toes…lol!   To be more scandalous…I could have said we met in a massage parlor while she rubbed massage oil all over my body…yeah baby!

But the reality is we met online.  Yes,  an actual success story of on-line dating!  We met on-line sometime in 2007, but didn’t meet each other in person until 08-16-08 (I’ll explain later) and I am happy to say that we married at the end of 2011 and will be soon celebrating our 10th year dating anniversary.

Back to the year 2007.  After months of trying this dating site, I was starting to lose hope.  Yes, I did meet potential future partners, but something always came up that made me decide to not pursue them.  One time, I thought I was falling in love and then was devastated when she started asking for money and said she would not be able to continue with me on-line unless I gave her money.  Another time, a lady told me that she is the type to cheat, but after talking to a friend about her and telling him her name…I find out that she was dating a friend of my friend and had cheated on him!  So, my heart kept hurting and my optimism was gradully disappearing…until I met her…my wife.

As I was scrolling through the profiles one day as I do on a daily basis…a new member’s profile caught my eye.  Wow!  I was immediately drawn to her beautiful face.  She had big brown eyes, a sexy kissable mouth and exotic tan skin.  Her overwhelming beauty made me glued to the computer like a crack head on heroin that I could not get enough.  In case people are wondering…nope I never took that stuff.  At the time, I did not have a complete profile, but I wanted to connect with her.  Because I was impatient, I immediately sent her a message even though I didn’t have picture of myself.  So, I guess you can call me the “FACELESS STRANGER”.

I have to admit…my first message to her was not appropriate at all.  Why did I say what I said?  BECAUSE I WAS HORNY…a weakness of many men when they are physically attracted to a woman.  Why did I do it?  Because after meeting so many women on the net with failures time after time…I didn’t think this profile would be any different.  So, I decided to flirt with her and see if she would flirt back. So after sending my dirty message to her, I didn’t think it would go any further than a simple exchange and it would soon be over.

To my surprise…she replied back to me and questioned me about saying what I said.  She said if I was trying to seriously find someone, this would not be a way to keep her attention.  Wow…I was speechless and embarrassed after reading her message because I never received a response like that.  It made me second guess myself.  What was I doing?  Why did I say that to her?  My initial plan was supposed to attempt this final try in dating by taking this dating site seriously.  I guess you can say that her message was a wake up call.

Seriously nervous about losing my chance with this new member, I immediately apologized to her and told her that I was more than that.  I wanted her to know that I was a good person and wanted her to give me a chance to know me.  So, I promised her that I was not going to disrespect her again like that and that I would answer all of her questions about me truthfully.  To my surprise, she agreed to stay in touch and her positive response made my world turn upside down.  I couldn’t believe she was going to give a chance!  Right there and then, I knew she was someone special.  Of course I didn’t know her very well yet, but for her to give a chance to this faceless stranger meant a lot to me.

Back to my profile.  One might be asking why I never posted my photo on-line.  It was because I wanted to keep my identity anonymous and only reveal how I looked like when I found someone who I connected with personality-wise.  I didn’t want to get traffic based on my looks.  I am not bragging at all.  I just wanted to meet someone this way.

As we were getting to know each other on-line, I could feel that our relationship was getting stronger like putting pieces of a puzzle together.  Each piece represented each fact of ourselves that were being revealed to each other.  Piece by piece, we were getting to know each other and it was soon taking shape into something that I’ve never experienced before.

At the beginning, we were only messaging each other via email on the dating site.  Why?  I found out that she was a widow who had a young son and she was new at dating after being with her late husband for 8 years (6 years dating and 2 years married).  It was 3 years since his passing.  So, being that she had to be careful on who she meets and not having any experience with on-line dating, she was skeptic of this whole process.  So, I told her I would let her control the pace of our communication in a level that made her feel comfortable.

After a couple of months passed, our communication moved up to chatting live on-line.  I couldn’t believe the endless hours of conversations we had on-line.   We never ran out of words and had to force ourselves to stop only because we would only have a few hours to sleep before we both had to wake up to go to work.  Who would think this on-line relationship would start to make my heart feel like it was filling up with feelings of hope and love for a person I’ve never met or even spoke to on the phone, but I am being honest that it happened to me.  We continued to tell each other about ourselves.  One thing I’ve never experienced before is this beautiful lady asked me question after question after question regarding real-life scenarios.  I thought this was interesting, but I told myself if I wanted to keep her, I would have to be honest with my answers.

Getting to know facts, values and beliefs about each other via on-line made us that much stronger. Funny how words being said to each other can keep 2 people virtually linked together.  Day after day, month after month…I can feel that our relationship was getting stronger and stronger, but I felt like it was time to move up to the next level.  I’ve seen her face from the pictures she posted or have sent me, but I wanted to see how her beautiful face would look when she reacts to me complimenting her.  Will she blush?  Will she cover her eyes with her hands?  I just wanted to see her.

Unfortunately, she didn’t own a webcam and was not computer savvy.  She had a brother who knew how to set up computers, but she didn’t want him to question her why she needed one.  So, I totally understood.  I had a camera, though.  So, I asked if she wanted to see me via the camera and she immediately said “yes”.  I immediately turned it on and after a few minutes of helping her to connect with me, she was finally looking at me!  So, I asked her what she thought, but there was pure silence for I don’t know how many seconds.  Was she disappointed?  Did I scare her?  It turned out that she had to answer a phone call.  Whew!  So, she told me that she thought I was gorgeous.  Yeah! What a great feeling that I didn’t disappoint her. For days, we continued to chat with each other on-line while she was viewing me through my webcam.  It was a bit weird but at the same time it turned me on that she was seeing me while she was still a mystery to my eyes.

Then came the request I was waiting for.  She asked, “Can you show me your cock?”  I was like huh???  Then she asked me again, but this time with a happy face emoji that was blushing.  Just hearing those words made my cock, who I will call “Jake” , start growing and filling up so quickly and I felt my body temperature getting hot.  She said that she wanted to see Jake because I told her that I was bigger than the average man.  Wow…I finally get to introduce her to Jake!  I told her that I’d be right back because I wanted to manscape Jake to look really nice and presentable to her.

After 10 min, I went back on-line and connected back with her without the webcam on.  I was so nervous but I wanted her to see Jake so bad.  So, at the click of the button…she finally met Jake.  Knowing that she was looking at my cock turned me on so much that my shaft grew to its full potential within seconds.  I was trying so hard not to come knowing that she was staring at it.  “Wow…it is really big!”, she wrote on the screen with a bunch of happy face emojis.   Seeing that she finally is seeing Jake made me so turned on that I started feeling a tingling sensation all over my body.  She then told me to start rubbing Jake.  So, I eagerly did this at the same time trying to stop myself from exploding.  I asked her if she can type what she wanted me to do to her with Jake.  Again…silence.  Was I going too fast for her?  Then, she finally said she never did this before, so she felt shy.  I told her that it was fine and that she could just enjoy looking at me rubbing Jake and she was good with that.  Suddenly, she said, ” I’m starting to get wet!  OMG”.  I told her that I was glad to be turning her on.  So, I kept rubbing my shaft even more crazily knowing that she was starting to flood with her lubricating fluids.  Thinking that it was running down her thighs made me want to explode.  I asked her to play with herself while looking at me and she said she was already rubbing her clit.  Oh shit!  That made me feel so hot but I didn’t want to let it out yet until I knew she was about to orgasm.  I asked her if she was all wet and she said she was so wet that she had to grab a towel and place it under her.

Dam.  I know we weren’t together in person, but what I was experiencing was so intense that I felt like we were together in person.  She and I…physically miles apart, but sexually arousing each other simultaneously through the same virtual dimension…it was an indescribeable feeling.  I told her to imagine that I was licking her all up gently and wetting my whole face with her sweet juice.  Then, imagine me penetrating her precious crevice with my long fingers…going in and out and in and out…while kissing her clit ever so gently and occasionally sucking on her supple nipples.  I asked her if I was turning her on and she said that she felt like was about to come.  Oh shit!  I was getting so excited and was ready to explode.  So, I told her as she was about to come to imagine me sucking on her clit while she was coming…with her thighs tightening so hard to get ready to climax.  She typed,  “COMING RIGHT NOW!”  I rubbed Jake like there was no tomorrow and BAM!  I exploded in front of my webcam imagining that Jake was penetrating her wet pussy.  I was so turned on that I was shooting all over the place knowing that she was coming and looking at me coming at the same time with her.

What a feeling!  It was so intense that I felt so weak at my knees afterwards.  My cock couldn’t stop spitting out my juices.  Ahhhhh….it felt so good.  As I was laying back on my chair, she said, ” I can’t believe this just happened.  I’ve never done this before, but it’s was great”.  I told her that I enjoyed it as much as she did and looked forward to the next time.  After chatting for a little, we parted our ways for the night and I laid in my bed rubbing Jake reminiscing what just happened.

After countless times of arousing each other on the internet…my next wish came true…she asked to talk on the phone.  I was ecstatic but nervous at the same time.  Why?  Well, what if she didn’t like my voice?  What if she turned out to be a he?  What if she admitted to me that all of what she revealed to me was nothing more than lies to continue this on-line conversation and she finally decided to cut me off?  Well, the only way I would know the truth is by finally giving her my phone number.I took a deep breath